DASIM2 {DSLite}R Documentation

Simulated dataset DASIM 2


Simulated dataset DASIM 2, in a data.frame with 10000 observations of 10 harmonized variables. The DASIM dataset contains synthetic data based on a model derived from the participants of the 1958 Birth Cohort, as part of the obesity methodological development project. This dataset does not contain some NA values.


Variable Description Type Note
LAB_TSC Total Serum Cholesterol numeric mmol/L
LAB_TRIG Triglycerides numeric mmol/L
LAB_HDL HDL Cholesterol numeric mmol/L
LAB_GLUC_FASTING Fasting Glucose numeric mmol/L
PM_BMI_CONTINUOUS Body Mass Index (continuous) numeric kg/m2
DIS_CVA History of Stroke factor 0 = Never had stroke, 1 = Has had stroke
DIS_DIAB History of Diabetes factor 0 = Never had diabetes, 1 = Has had diabetes
DIS_AMI History of Myocardial Infarction factor 0 = Never had myocardial infarction, 1 = Has had myocardial infarction
GENDER Gender factor 0 = Female, 1 = Male
PM_BMI_CATEGORICAL Body Mass Index (categorical) factor 1 = Less than 25 kg/m2, 2 = 25 to 30 kg/m2, 3 = Over 30 kg/m2

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