CNSIM3 {DSLite}R Documentation

Simulated dataset CNSIM 3


Simulated dataset CNSIM 1, in a data.frame with 4128 observations of 11 harmonized variables variables. The CNSIM dataset contains synthetic data based on a model derived from the participants of the 1958 Birth Cohort, as part of the obesity methodological development project. This dataset does contain some NA values.


Variable Description Type Note
LAB_TSC Total Serum Cholesterol numeric mmol/L
LAB_TRIG Triglycerides numeric mmol/L
LAB_HDL HDL Cholesterol numeric mmol/L
LAB_GLUC_ADJUSTED Non-Fasting Glucose numeric mmol/L
PM_BMI_CONTINUOUS Body Mass Index (continuous) numeric kg/m2
DIS_CVA History of Stroke factor 0 = Never had stroke, 1 = Has had stroke
MEDI_LPD Current Use of Lipid Lowering Medication (from categorical assessment item) factor 0 = Not currently using lipid lowering medication, 1 = Currently using lipid lowering medication
DIS_DIAB History of Diabetes factor 0 = Never had diabetes, 1 = Has had diabetes
DIS_AMI History of Myocardial Infarction factor 0 = Never had myocardial infarction, 1 = Has had myocardial infarction
GENDER Gender factor 0 = Female, 1 = Male
PM_BMI_CATEGORICAL Body Mass Index (categorical) factor 1 = Less than 25 kg/m2, 2 = 25 to 30 kg/m2, 3 = Over 30 kg/m2

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