AvC_MLL {DLMtool}R Documentation

Average Catch with a size limit


A example mixed control MP that uses the average catch output control MP together with a minimul size limit set at the size of maturity.


AvC_MLL(x, Data, reps = 100, plot = FALSE)



A position in the data object


A data object


The number of stochastic samples of the MP recommendation(s)


Logical. Show the plot?


The average catch method is very simple. The mean historical catch is calculated and used to set a constant catch limit (TAC). If reps > 1 then the reps samples are drawn from a log-normal distribution with mean TAC and standard deviation (in log-space) of 0.2.

For completeness, the TAC is calculated by:

\textrm{TAC} =\frac{∑_{y=1}^{\textrm{n}}{C_y}}{\textrm{n}}

where \textrm{TAC} is the the mean catch recommendation, n is the number of historical years, and C_y is the catch in historical year y.

The size of retention is set to the length of maturity.

This MP has been included for demonstration purposes of a mixed control MP.


An object of class Rec-class with the TAC, Retention slot(s) populated

Required Data

See Data-class for information on the Data object

AvC_MLL: Cat, LHYear, Year

Rendered Equations

See Online Documentation for correctly rendered equations

See Also

Other Average Catch MPs: AvC(), DCACs()


Rec <- AvC_MLL(1, MSEtool::Cobia, reps=1000, plot=TRUE) # 1,000 log-normal samples with CV = 0.2

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