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Add annotations


Reads an annotation file containing key/value pairs or a named list and attaches them attributes to a DGEobj. If a file is used, it should be a text file containing key/value pairs separated by an equals sign. The keys argument specifies which keys we want to capture as attributes on the DGEobj.


annotateDGEobj(dgeObj, annotations, keys = NULL)



A object of class DGEobj created by function initDGEobj()


Either a character string path to a file with annotations given as key/value pairs separated by an equal sign, or a named list of key/value pairs


By default (value = NULL), all keys are read in and applied as DGEobj attributes. Use the keys argument to specify a specific list of keys to read from the file.


A DGEobj


   MyDgeObj <- system.file("exampleObj.RDS", package = "DGEobj")

## Not run: 
   #using a text file file of key=value pairs
   annotationFile <- "/location/to/myAnnotations.txt"
   MyDgeObj <- annotateDGEobj(MyDgeObj, annotationFile)

   #using a named list of key/values
   annotations <- list(Title     = "Rat Liver Slices from Bile Duct Ligation animals",
                       Organism  = "Rat",
                       GeneModel = "Ensembl.R89")
   MyDgeObj <- annotateDGEobj(MyDgeObj, annotations)

## End(Not run)

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