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Leukemia in an eight-county region of upstate New York, 1978-1982.


This data set provides the number of incident leukemia cases per census tract in an eight-county region of upstate New York in the period 1978-1982. In addition, the data set also includes information about the location of the census tracts, the population in 1980, the inverse of the distance to the nearest Trichloroethene (TCE) site, the percentage of people aged 65 or more, and the percentage of people who own their home.

The dataset also provides the locations of the TCE sites.

File NY8_clusters contains the results of running DetectClustersModel on a null model ('ny.m0') and another one with covariates ('ny.m1'). The results are in 'ny.cl0' and 'ny.cl1', respectively.




A SpatialPolygonsDataFrame with 281 polygons representing the census tracts, and the following information about each census tract:

AREAKEY Identifier
X x coordinate
Y y coordinate
POP8 Population in 1980
TRACTCAS Number of leukemia cases rounded to 2 decimals
PROPCAS Ratio of the number of leukemia cases to the population in 1980
PCTOWNHOME Proportion of people who own their home
PCTAGE65P Proportion of people aged 65 or more
PEXPOSURE Inverse of the distance to the nearest TCE site
Cases Number of leukemia cases
Xm x coordinate (in meters)
Ym y coordinates(in meters)
Xshift Shifted Xm coordinate
Yshift Shifted Ym coordinate


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