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ConvergenceClubs: Finding Convergence Clubs


Functions for clustering regions that form convergence clubs, according to the definition of Phillips and Sul (2009) doi:10.1002/jae.1080. A package description is available in Sichera and Pizzuto (2019).

Main functions

The package's main functions are findClubs and mergeClubs. The former finds clubs of convergence, given a dataset with units in rows and years in columns, returning an object of class convergence.clubs. The latter takes as argument an object of class convergence.clubs and applies the clustering procedure to the convergence clubs contained in the argument, according to either Phillips and Sul (2009) or von Lyncker and Thoennessen (2017) procedure.


Maintainer: Roberto Sichera [copyright holder]



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Sichera, R.; Pizzuto, P., 2019. ConvergenceClubs: A Package for Performing the Phillips and Sul's Club Convergence Clustering Procedure. The R Journal.

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