DataSimulH0 {CompR}R Documentation

Simulation of paired comparison data


Returns paired comparison data according a given configuration


DataSimulH0(Data, ResH0)



Object of class DataPairComp


Object of class BradleyEstim.


The paired comparison data are simulated according the products configuration, the weight of the different classes for the different criteria (stored in the object ResH0 of class BradleyEstim) obtained on the basis of the results of EstimBradley function for the paired comparison data contained in the objet Data of class DataPairComp


Object of class DataPairComp with the following components:

Cons : corresponding to the label of consummers

Crit : names of the different criteria

Prod : names of the different products

Paircomp : list of number of criteria elements each corresponding to the results of simulated paired comparisons performed by the consummers according their belonging to the different classes.

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