Comp2ROC-package {Comp2ROC}R Documentation

Comparation of Two ROC Curves that Intersect


Comaparation of ROC Curves using the methodology devoloped by Braga.


Package: Comp2ROC
Type: Package
Version: 1.1.2
Date: 2016-05-18
License: GPL-2


Ana C. Braga, with contributions from Hugo Frade, Sara Carvalho and Andre M Santiago.

Maintainer: Ana C. Braga <>; Andre M. Santiago <>;


BRAGA, A. C. AND COSTA, L. AND OLIVEIRA, P. 2011. An alternative method for global and partial comparasion of two diagnostic system based on ROC curves In Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation.


# This is a simple example on how to use the package with the given dataset ZHANG (paired samples):
nameE = "Zhang"
modality1DataColumn = "modality1"
modality2DataColumn = "modality2"
results = roc.curves.boot(zhang, 10, 0.05, name=nameE,
                          mod1=modality1DataColumn, mod2=modality2DataColumn)
rocboot.summary(results, "modality1", "modality2")

# This is another simple example on how to use the package with the given
# dataset CAS2015 (unpaired samples):
nameE = "CAS2015"
modality1DataColumn = "CRIBM"
modality2DataColumn = "CRIBF"
paired = FALSE
results = roc.curves.boot(cas2015, 1000, 0.05, name=nameE,
                          mod1=modality1DataColumn, mod2=modality2DataColumn, paired)
rocboot.summary(results, modality1DataColumn, modality2DataColumn)

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