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Divide a script into separate lists of code based on redefinition of a variable


The purpose of this function is to take a script consisting of individual calls or code blocks and to divide it into separate blocks in which a particular variable has only one definition. Within each block the variable is assigned a new value.

At present, the code is quite simple and separates code blocks that merely alter an existing variable's characteristics, e.g. setting the names, an individual variable. Ideally we want to separate very different uses of a symbol/variable name which are unrelated. We will add more sophisticated code to (heuristically) detect such different uses, e.g. explicit assignments to a variable.

Separating these code blocks can make it easier to treat the definitions separately and the different stages of the script.


splitRedefinitions(var, info)



the name of the variable whose redefinition will identify the different code blocks


a list of ScriptNodeInfo-class objects identifying the input and output variables for each code block.


A list with as many elements as there are (re)definitions of the variable each being a list of code blocks.


Duncan Temple Lang

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 sc = readScript(system.file("samples", "redef.R", package =
scinfo = getInputs(sc)
 groups = splitRedefinitions("x", scinfo)

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