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Display R code with highlighting of variables, links to functions and packages


This function leverages the highlight package to create an HTML display of R code. It connects all instances of a variable in the code so that a viewer can move the mouse over a variable and see all uses of it in the code.

The motivations for this is to help navigate a script and to allow us to connect the code to plots of, for example, the time-line or life-span of variables in a script.


highlightCode(obj, out = NULL, addFunctionLinks = TRUE, checkURLs= TRUE,
              inline = TRUE, h = htmlRenderer(addFunctionLinks,
              checkURLs), css = system.file("CSS", "highlight.css",
              package = "CodeDepends"), jsCode =
              system.file("JavaScript", "highlightSymbols.js", package =



the name of a file containing R code or an R expression or function. Currently, this needs to be a file.


the name of a file to which the HTML document is written, or NULL or NA to just return the in-memory document.


how to generate the links for function calls. This can be NULL to have no links for function calls, or a logical value indicating whether to have links or not, or a function. If this is a function, it is called with a vector of function names and should return a character vector with links for each of them.


When sorting through possible link targets, should we check for existing local files OR URLs. Defaults to TRUE, if FALSE only locally existing files are checked for.


a logical value indicating whether to put the CSS and JavaScript code directly into the HTML document or just refer to them.


the renderer to create the HTML. See highlight


the URL or local file name for the CSS content


the URL or local file name for the JavaScript code for the highlighting of the variables.


This uses the highlight function to create the basic information for the code. We provide our own renderer to provide the links for function calls and packages and to specify markup for the symbols. Then we post-process the resulting HTML document to add our own CSS content and JavaScript code.


An HTML document or the name of the file to which it was written if out is specified.


Duncan Temple Lang


f = system.file("samples", "sitepairs.R", package = "CodeDepends")
## url checking takes a while, too long for CRAN example
highlightCode(f, "foo.html", checkURLs=FALSE)

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