CSHShydRology-package {CSHShydRology}R Documentation

Functions for Canadian hydrological analyses


CSHShydRology is intended for the use of hydrologists, particularly those in Canada. It will contain functions which focus on the use of Canadian data sets, such as those from Environment Canada. The package will also contain functions which are suited to Canadian hydrology, such as the important cold-region hydrological processes. CSHShydRology will also contain functions which work with Canadian hydrological models, such as Raven, CRHM, Watflood, and MESH.

This packages has been developed with the assistance of the Canadian Society for Hydrological Sciences (CSHS) https://cshs.cwra.org/en which is an affiliated society of the Canadian Water Resources Association (CWRA) https://cwra.org/.

The CSHShydRology will contain functions grouped into several themes, including:

Statistical hydrology

trend detection, data screening, frequency analysis, regionalization

Basic data manipulations

input/conversion/adapter functions, missing data infilling


data visualization, standardized plotting functions

Spatial hydrology

basin delineation, landscape data analysis, working with GIS

Streamflow measurement analysis

rating curve analysis, velocity profiles, naturalization

Network design/analysis

homogeneity assessment


fisheries and ecological analysis


between other packages and CSHShydRology


To cite CSHShydRology in publications, use the command citation("CSHShydRology") to get the current version of this citation.

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