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Brobdingnagian numbers


Create, coerce to or test for a Brobdingnagian object


brob(x = double(), positive)



Quantity to be tested, coerced in to Brobdingnagian form


In function brob(), logical indicating whether the number is positive (actually, positive or zero)


Function as.brob() is the user's workhorse: use this to coerce numeric vectors to brobs.

Function is.brob() tests for its arguments being of class brob.

Function brob() takes argument x and returns a brob formally equal to exp(x); set argument positive to FALSE to return -exp(x). Thus calling function exp(x) simply returns brob(x). This function is not really intended for the end user: it is confusing and includes no argument checking. In general numerical work, use function as.brob() instead, although be aware that if you really really want e^1e7, you should use brob(1e7); this would be an exact representation.


Real numbers are represented by two objects: a real, holding the logarithm of their absolute values; and a logical, indicating the sign. Multiplication and exponentiation are easy: the challenge is addition. This is achieved using the (trivial) identity log(e^x+e^y)=x+log(1+e^(y-x)) where, WLOG, y<x.

Complex numbers are stored as a pair of brobs: objects of class glub.

The package is a simple example of S4 methods. However, it could be viewed as a cautionary tale: the underlying R concepts are easy yet the S4 implementation is long and difficult. I would not recommend using S4 methods for a package as simple as this; S3 methods would have been perfectly adequate. I would suggest that S4 methods should only be used when S3 methods are demonstrably inadequate.

The package has poor handling of NA and NaN. Currently, as.brob(1) + as.brob(c(1,NA)) returns an error.


Robin K. S, Hankin

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googol <- as.brob(10)^100
googolplex <- 10^googol

(googolplex/googol) / googolplex
#  Thus googolplex/googol == googolplex (!)

# use cbrob() instead of c() when Brobdingnagian numbers are involved:

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