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create a dotplot using stripchart


A method for creating dotplots. The functions call the stripchart command from the graphics package and assign the output to have the class dotplot.


dotplot(x, ...)

## S3 method for class 'formula'
dotplot(x, ...)



a vector or formula, where the right hand side of the formula is a factor.


other graphical parameters including those passed to title.


This function was created as a result of being unable to assign all graphical parameters that are created when a formula is used in stripchart. Users not intending to use the VI method should use stripchart instead.


An object of class dotplot. This class is just a placeholder for the contents of the object used to create a boxplot which would otherwise not be stored in a usable format. The class is not intended for the user; it is a tool that enables the BrailleR package to deliver a readable text version of the plot.


A. Jonathan R. Godfrey

See Also

This function is dependent on the stripchart function from the graphics package. Consult its help page for more information.


VI(with(airquality, dotplot(Ozone~Month)))

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