GetGoing {BrailleR}R Documentation

Set options for using brailleR


An interactive question-and-answer interface suitable for blind users wanting to set the options for using the BrailleR package.




Defaults are offered for all questions so that pressing <Enter> means no changes are made. Users answer yes/no questions as TRUE or FALSE respectively; the short form T or F is also allowed.

The user can also choose to perform various setup tasks using this interface.


NULL. This function is a tool for executing other functions that will set options and setup the package according to the user's wants.


A. Jonathan R. Godfrey

See Also

All options being set through this function have specific functions that achieve the same ends. For example, see GoSighted for the options that are binary settings, or SetAuthor for options requiring a specific character or numeric value to be chosen.

The setup functionality can be reviewed at MakeBatch.

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