BRLThis {BrailleR}R Documentation

Convert a graph to a pdf ready for embossing


The first argument to this function must be a call to create a graph, such as a histogram. Instead of opening a new graphics device, the graph will be created in a pdf file, with all text being presented using a braille font. The function is somewhat experimental as the best braille font is not yet confirmed, and a number of examples need to be tested on a variety of embossers before full confidence in the function is given.


BRLThis(x, file)



the call to create a graph


A character string giving the filename where the image is to be saved.


The user's chosen braille font must be installed. This might include the default font shipped as part of the package.


Nothing within the R session, but a pdf file will be created in the user's working directory.


A. Jonathan R. Godfrey. with contributions from JooYoung Seo and TK Lee.

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