validate {BeeGUTS}R Documentation

Validation method for beeSurvFit objects


This is a validation method for the beeSurvFit object. It perform forwards predictions for a specific concentration profile and compare these prediction to the respective experimental data.


validate(object, dataValidate, ...)



An object of class beeSurvFit


Data to validate in the format of the experimental data used for fit (dataGUTS)


Additional arguments to be parsed to the predict.survFit method from odeGUTS (e.g. mcmc_size = 1000 is to be used to reduce the number of mcmc samples in order to speed up the computation. mcmc_size is the number of selected iterations for one chain. Default is 1000. If all MCMC is wanted, set argument to NULL., hb_value = FALSE the background mortality hb is taken into account from the posterior. If FALSE, parameter hb is set to a fixed value. The default is FALSE. hb_valueFORCED = 0 hb_valueFORCED If hb_value is FALSE, it fix hb. The default is 0


An object of class beeSurvValidation.

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