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The function returns a custom string that specifies part of the model (single-study).


This function returns a partially complete prior string. Used internally - cannot be directly used.

Usage = list())



a list of parameter values for the random effects. It should contain the assignment for these parameters only: n.m and n.s, which refer to the mean and standard deviation used in the normal distribution estimation of n, as well as a.m, a.s, alpha.s.m, alpha.s.s, alpha.b.m, alpha.b.s, alpha.u.m, alpha.u.s, alpha.v.m, alpha.v.s. By default, this is an empty list, and all the mean are set to 0, and alpha.n.s = alpha.a.s = 0.16, and alpha.s.s = alpha.b.s = alpha.u.s = alpha.v.s = 0.25.


custom model string


model.string <-

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