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BaSTA: a package for parametric Bayesian estimation of age-specific survival for truncated and censored capture-recapture/recovery records.


This package estimates survival trajectories with covariates from capture-recapture/recovery data in a Bayesian framework when many individuals are of unknown age. It includes tools for data checking, model diagnostics, and outputs such as life-tables and plots.


Package: BaSTA
Type: Package
Version: 1.9.4
Date: 2014-08-18
License: GNU General Public Licence
LazyLoad: yes

This package estimates survival parameters from capture-recapture data where there are individuals with unknown birth/death dates.


Fernando Colchero, Owen Jones, and Maren Rebke


Colchero, F. and J.S. Clark (2012) Bayesian inference on age-specific survival from capture-recapture data for censored and truncated data. Journal of Animal Ecology. 81, 139-149.

Colchero, F., O.R Jones and M. Rebke. (2012) BaSTA: an R package for Bayesian estimation of age-specific survival from incomplete mark-recapture/recovery data with covariates. Methods in Ecology and Evolution. 3, 466-470.

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