RunTime {BTSPAS}R Documentation

Compute percentiles of the run timing distribution.


Take the posterior sample of U[1,...nstrata] and compute the percentiles of the run timing. This uses the quantile() function from the "actuar" package which is designed to compute quantiles of grouped data. It is assumed that there are no fish in the system prior to the first point


RunTime(time, U, prob = seq(0, 1, 0.1))



A numeric vector of time used to label the strata. For example, this could be julian week for data stratified at a weekly level.


matrix of posterior samples. Each row is a sample from the posterior.


Quantiles of the run timing to estimate.


An MCMC object with samples from the posterior distribution. A series of graphs and text file are also created in the working directory. This information is now added to the fit object as well and so it is unlikely that you will use this function.


Bonner, S.J. and Schwarz, C. J.


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