initialMarginal {BIGL}R Documentation

Estimate initial values for fitting marginal dose-response curves


This is a wrapper function which, when a dose-response dataframe is provided, returns start value estimates for both compounds that could be supplied to fitMarginals function. This function is also used by fitMarginals if no initials values were supplied.


initialMarginal(data, transforms = NULL, ...)



Dose-response dataframe. Marginal data will be extracted from it automatically.


Transformation functions. If non-null, transforms is a list containing 5 elements, namely biological and power transformations along with their inverse functions and compositeArgs which is a list with argument values shared across the 4 functions. See vignette for more information.


Further parameters that are currently not used


Note that this function returns e1 and 2 which are log-transformed inflection points for respective compounds.


Named vector with parameter estimates. Parameter names are consistent with parameter names in fitMarginals. h1 and h2 are Hill's slope coefficients for each of the compounds, m1 and m2 are their maximal response levels whereas b is the shared baseline. Lastly, e1 and e2 are log-transformed EC50 values.


Returns starting value for e = log(EC50).


  data <- subset(directAntivirals, experiment == 1)
  ## Data must contain d1, d2 and effect columns
  transforms <- getTransformations(data)
  initialMarginal(data, transforms)

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