ffDesMatrix {BHH2}R Documentation

Full or fractional factorial design matrix generation


The function generates the design matrix provided the number of 2-levels design factors and defining relations.


ffDesMatrix(k, gen = NULL)



numeric. The number of 2-levels design factors in the designs.


list. If NULL (default) a full factorial design is generated. Otherwise, each component of the list is a numeric vector of corresponding to each of the defining relations used to compose the design. See Details.


A defining relation is declared by a vector where the first entry corresponds to the left hand side (LHS) of the defining equation. For example, if k=5, and gen=list(c(-5,1,2,3,4)), then the defining equation is -5=1*2*3*4. A full 2-levels (-1,1) factorial design is generated. For each defining relation the LHS column is replaced by the corresponding columns product. At the end repeated runs are removed from the matrix.


The function returns a 2-levels design matrix with k columns.


Ernesto Barrios

See Also

conf.design of the conf.design package, FrF2 from the FrF2 package.


ffDesMatrix(5) # Full 2^5 factorial design
ffDesMatrix(5,gen=list(c(5,1,2,3,4))) # 2^(5-1) factorial design
ffDesMatrix(5,gen=list(c(4,1,2),c(-5,1,3))) # 2^(5-2) factorial design

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