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Create a BETS custom dashboard


Generate thematic dashboards using a selection of BETS time series and charts. For now, themes and charts are pre-defined.


dashboard(type = "business_cycle", charts = "all", saveas = NA,
  parameters = NULL)



A character. The theme of the dashboard. The only three options, for the time being, is 'business_cycle', 'macro_situation' and 'custom'. Custom dashboards can be rendered with any given set of charts.


A character and/or ts object list. The charts to be added to a custom dashboard. Up to 16 charts are allowed, including pre-defined charts, identified by their codes (see chart). This will only work if parameter 'type' is set to 'custom'.


A character. A path and a name for the dashboard file (a .pdf file). If this parameter is not provided, the dashboard will be saved inside the 'dashboards' folder, under the BETS installation directory.


A list. A list of parameters. See the 'Details' section for a description of these parameters for each type of dashboard.


Macro Situation and Custom Dashboard Parameters

text The text to be printed in the dashboard. Separate paragraphs with two backslashes 'n' and pages with '##'. There are no other syntax rules.
author The author's name.
email The author's email.
url The author's webpage.
logo The author's business logo.

Additional Custom Dashboard Parameters

style A character. The style of the charts. As in chart, can be either 'plotly' or 'normal'.
charts.opts A list of parameters lists, one for each chart. Parameters are specified in chart


A .pdf file (the dashboard)


Talitha Speranza talitha.speranza@fgv.br


# dashboard()
# dashboard(saveas = "survey.pdf")
# dashboard(type = "macro_situation")

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