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Summarize the error indicators, relative risks and absolute risks


A function to show descriptive statistics by applying function mean and sd to the quantities Error_Ind, AbsRisk, RR_Star1 and RR_Star2.


check.summary(data, Raw_Ind=1, Avg_White=0)



A data set containing all the required input data needed to perform risk projections, such as initial age, projection age, BrCa relative risk covariates and race. See exampledata for details.


The raw file indicator with default value 1. Raw_Ind=1 means RR covariates are in raw/original format. Raw_Ind=0 means RR covariates have already been re-coded to 0, 1, 2 or 3.


Calculation indicator. Avg_White=0, calculate absolute risks; Avg_White=1, calculate average absolute risks based on the rates for average non-hispanic white women and average other (native american) women. The default value is 0.


When the mean and standard deviation for the variable Error_Ind is 0, implies that no errors have not been found. Otherwise when the mean and std for Error_Ind is not 0, implies that errors have been found. When errors are found, the number of records with errors is the count asscociated with AbsRisk listed under NMiss (number of missing).


A summary table for error indicators, relative risks and absolute risks

See Also

recode.check, relative.risk, absolute.risk

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