protein {BAS}R Documentation

Protein Activity Data


This data sets includes several predictors of protein activity from an experiment run at Glaxo.


protein is a dataframe with 96 observations and 8 predictor variables of protein activity:

[,1] buf factor Buffer
[,2] pH numeric
[,3] NaCl numeric
[,4] con numeric protein concentration
[,5] ra factor reducing agent
[,6] det factor detergent
[,7] MgCl2 numeric
[,8] temp numeric (temperature)
[,9] prot.act1 numeric
[,10] prot.act2 numeric
[,11] prot.act3 numeric
[,12] prot.act4 numeric protein activity


Clyde, M. A. and Parmigiani, G. (1998), Protein Construct Storage: Bayesian Variable Selection and Prediction with Mixtures, Journal of Biopharmaceutical Statistics, 8, 431-443

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