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Read and write a data frame to/from a storage account


Read and write a data frame to/from a storage account


storage_write_delim(object, container, file, delim = "\t", ...)

storage_write_csv(object, container, file, ...)

storage_write_csv2(object, container, file, ...)

storage_read_delim(container, file, delim = "\t", ...)

storage_read_csv(container, file, ...)

storage_read_csv2(container, file, ...)



A data frame to write to storage.


An Azure storage container object.


The name of a file in storage.


For storage_write_delim and storage_read_delim, the field delimiter. Defaults to ⁠\t⁠ (tab).


Optional arguments passed to the file reading/writing functions. See 'Details'.


These functions let you read and write data frames to storage. storage_read_delim and write_delim are for reading and writing arbitrary delimited files. storage_read_csv and write_csv are for comma-delimited (CSV) files. storage_read_csv2 and write_csv2 are for files with the semicolon ⁠;⁠ as delimiter and comma ⁠,⁠ as the decimal point, as used in some European countries.

If the readr package is installed, they call down to read_delim, write_delim, read_csv2 and write_csv2. Otherwise, they use read_delim and write.table.

See Also

storage_download, download_blob, download_azure_file, download_adls_file, write.table, read.csv, readr::write_delim, readr::read_delim


## Not run: 

bl <- storage_endpoint("", key="access_key")
cont <- storage_container(bl, "mycontainer")

storage_write_csv(iris, cont, "iris.csv")
# if readr is not installed
irisnew <- storage_read_csv(cont, "iris.csv", stringsAsFactors=TRUE)
# if readr is installed
irisnew <- storage_read_csv(cont, "iris.csv", col_types="nnnnf")

all(mapply(identical, iris, irisnew))  # TRUE

## End(Not run)

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