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Azure Kubernetes Service class


Class representing an Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) resource. For working with the cluster endpoint itself, including deploying images, creating services etc, see kubernetes_cluster.


The following methods are available, in addition to those provided by the AzureRMR::az_resource class:


Initializing a new object of this class can either retrieve an existing AKS resource, or create a new resource on the host. Generally, the best way to initialize an object is via the get_aks, create_aks or list_aks methods of the az_resource_group class, which handle the details automatically.

Note that this class is separate from the Kubernetes cluster itself. This class exposes methods for working with the Azure resource: updating resource tags, updating and deleting the resource (including updating the Kubernetes version), and so on.

For working with the cluster, including deploying images, services, etc use the object generated with the get_cluster method. This method takes two optional arguments:

Updating credentials

An AKS resource can have up to three service principals associated with it. Two of these are for Azure Active Directory (AAD) integration. The third is used to manage the subsidiary resources (VMs, networks, disks, etc) used by the cluster, if it doesn't have a service identity.

Any service principals used by the AKS resource will have secret passwords, which have to be refreshed as they expire. The update_aad_password() and update_service_password() methods let you refresh the passwords for the cluster's service principals. Their arguments are:

See Also

create_aks, get_aks, delete_aks, list_aks, AzureAuth::AzureR_dir, AzureGraph::create_graph_login

kubernetes_cluster for interacting with the cluster endpoint

AKS documentation and API reference


## Not run: 

rg <- AzureRMR::get_azure_login()$

myaks <- rg$get_aks("mycluster")

# sync with Azure: AKS resource creation can take a long time, use this to track status

# get the cluster endpoint
kubclus <- myaks$get_cluster()

# list of agent pools

# create a new agent pool, then delete it
pool <- myaks$create_agent_pool("pool2", 3, size="Standard_DS3_v2")

# refresh the service principal password (mostly for legacy clusters without a managed identity)

# refresh the service principal password, using custom credentials to authenticate with MS Graph
# arguments here are for Graph, not AKS!
myaks$update_service_password(app="app_id", password="app_password")

## End(Not run)

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