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Docker registry class


Class representing a Docker registry. Note that this class can be used to interface with any Docker registry that supports the HTTP V2 API, not just those created via the Azure Container Registry service. Use the docker_registry function to instantiate new objects of this class.


The following methods are available, in addition to those provided by the AzureRMR::az_resource class:


The arguments to the login() method are:

The login(), push() and pull() methods for this class call the docker commandline tool under the hood. This allows all the features supported by Docker to be available immediately, with a minimum of effort. Any calls to the docker tool will also contain the full commandline as the cmdline attribute of the (invisible) returned value; this allows scripts to be developed that can be run outside R.

See Also

acr, docker_registry, call_docker

Docker commandline reference

Docker registry API


## Not run: 

reg <- docker_registry("myregistry")


# create an image from a Dockerfile in the current directory
call_docker(c("build", "-t", "myimage", "."))

# push the image


## End(Not run)

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