param {ArArRedux}R Documentation

Set or get Ar-Ar_Redux parameters


This function is used to query and modify the half lives, standard ages etc. associated with an object of class redux


param(X, ...)



an object of class redux


any combination of the parameters given below


param grants access to the following parameters:

l0: 40K decay constant (default value = 5.5492e-4 Ma-1, Renne et al. [2010])
sl0: standard error of the 40K decay constant (default value = 0.0047e-4 Ma-1)
l7: 37Ar decay constant (default value = 7.2438 yr-1, Renne and Norman [2001])
sl7: standard error of the 37Ar decay constant (default value = 0.0083 yr-1)
l9: 39Ar decay constant (0.002577 yr-1 Stoenner et al. [1965])
sl9: standard error of the 39Ar decay constant (0.000014 yr-1)
l6: 36Cl decay constant (default value = 2301.3e-9 yr-1)
sl6: standard error of the 36Cl decay constant (default value = 7.6e-9 yr-1
pcl: (36Cl/38Cl)-production rate (default value = 252.7 for OSTR reactor, Renne et al. [2008])
spcl: standard error of the (36Cl/38Cl)-production rate (default value = 1.8)
ts: age of the fluence monitor (default = 28.201 Myr for the Fish Canyon Tuff, Kuiper et al. [2008])
sts: standard error of the fluence monitor age (default value = 0.023 Myr)
air: atmospheric 40Ar/36Ar ratio (default value = 298.56, Lee et al. [2006])
sair: standard error of the atmospheric 40Ar/36Ar ratio (default value = 0.155)


returns the modified redux object OR the current parameter values if no optional arguments are supplied.


Y <- param(Melbourne$X,air=295.5)

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