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Computation of the trimowa elements for a given number of sizes defined by the EN


This is a helper function for computing the trimowa elements provided by the trimowa algorithm for a number of bust sizes defined by the European Normative (EN). Therefore, the trimowa is used inside this function. The number of sizes must be bigger than one. For a single size use directly trimowa.


computSizesTrimowa(dataTrim, bust, bustMeasur, nsizes, w, numClust, alpha, 
                   niter, algSteps, ah, verbose = FALSE)



Data frame.


Bust column of the data frame.


Sequence vector of bust measurements (bust sizes) provided by the bustSizesStandard function.


Number of sizes defined by the European Normative to apply the trimowa function.

w, numClust, alpha, niter, algSteps, ah, verbose

Same arguments as those of the trimowa function.


A list with the same elements as the trimowa function.


Guillermo Vinue


European Committee for Standardization. Size designation of clothes. Part 3: Measurements and intervals. (2005).

Ibanez, M. V., Vinue, G., Alemany, S., Simo, A., Epifanio, I., Domingo, J., and Ayala, G., (2012). Apparel sizing using trimmed PAM and OWA operators, Expert Systems with Applications 39, 10512–10520.

See Also

trimowa, bustSizesStandard


dataTrimowa <- sampleSpanishSurvey
numVar <- dim(dataTrimowa)[2]
bust <- dataTrimowa$bust
bustSizes <- bustSizesStandard(seq(74, 102, 4), seq(107, 131, 6))

orness <- 0.7
weightsTrimowa <- weightsMixtureUB(orness, numVar)

numClust <- 3 ; alpha <- 0.01 ; niter <- 10 ; algSteps <- 7
ah <- c(23, 28, 20, 25, 25)

#For reproducing results, seed for randomness:
numSizes <- 2
res_trimowa <- computSizesTrimowa(dataTrimowa, bust, bustSizes$bustCirc, numSizes,
                                  weightsTrimowa, numClust, alpha, niter,
                                  algSteps, ah, verbose = FALSE)

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