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Check if a vector of species are native anywhere in Australia


This function checks if the given species is native anywhere in Australia according to the loaded version of the Australian Plant Census (APC). It creates a lookup table from taxonomic resources, and checks if the species is listed as native in that table. Note that this will not detect within Australia invasions, e.g. if a species is from Western Australia and is invasive on the east coast. And recent invasions are unlikely to be documented yet in APC. For the complete matrix of species by states that also represents within-Australia invasions, use create_species_state_origin_matrix. For spelling checks and taxonomy updates please see create_taxonomic_update_lookup.


native_anywhere_in_australia(species, resources = load_taxonomic_resources())



A character string typically representing the binomial for the species.


An optional list of taxonomic resources to use for the lookup. If not provided, the function will load default taxonomic resources using the load_taxonomic_resources() function.


A tibble with two columns: species, which is the same as the unique values of the input species, and native_anywhere_in_aus, a vector indicating whether each species is native anywhere in Australia, introduced by humans from elsewhere, or unknown with respect to the APC resource.

See Also

Other diversity methods: create_species_state_origin_matrix(), state_diversity_counts()


native_anywhere_in_australia(c("Eucalyptus globulus","Pinus radiata","Banksis notaspecies"))

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