objectiveFunction {ADMUR}R Documentation

Objective function to be minimised in a search. Returns the negative log likelihood.


Calculates the negative log likelihood of a model given a calibrated date matrix.


objectiveFunction(pars, PDarray, type, taphonomy=FALSE)



A numeric vector of parameters.


A data frame typically generated by phaseCalibrator, such that each column represents the PD of each calibrated date (or phase), and row names are the corresponding years.


Choose from 'CPL', 'exponential', or 'uniform'.


If TRUE, the last two parameters determine the taphonomic loss rate.


If type is 'CPL', pars must be an odd length each between 0 and 1 since parameters correspond to: (y,x,...y). If type is 'exp', pars must be a single positive or negative numeric (the exponential rate can be growth or decay). Typically this parameter should be close to zero (-0.1 to 0.1) to avoid numbers beyond floating point limits) If type is 'norm', pars must have length 2 (mean and sd) If type is 'uniform', then no parameters are required, and pars must be NULL or c().


Returns a single value, the negative log likelihood.


	# generate a PD array from a handful of dates
	data <- subset(SAAD, site %in% c('Carrizal','Pacopampa'))
	CalArray <- makeCalArray(shcal13, calrange = c(2000,6000))
	PD <- phaseCalibrator(data, CalArray)

	# the negative log likelihood given some random parameters for a 3-CPL model
	pars <- runif(5)
	objectiveFunction(pars, PD, type='CPL')	

	# the negative log likelihood given a random exponential model
	pars <- runif(1, -0.01, 0.01)
	objectiveFunction(pars, PD, type='exp')	

	# the negative log likelihood given a random Gaussian model
	pars <- c(runif(1, 2000, 6000), runif(1, 100, 1000))
	objectiveFunction(pars, PD, type='norm')	

	# the negative log likelihood given a uniform model
	objectiveFunction(pars=NULL, PD, type='uniform')	

	# the negative log likelihood given a uniform model with taphonomy
	pars <- c(runif(1, 0, 20000), runif(1, -3, 0))
	objectiveFunction(pars=pars, PD, type='uniform', taphonomy=TRUE)	

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