SAAD {ADMUR}R Documentation

Radiocarbon dataset for South American Arid Diagonal (SAAD)


Dataset of terrestrial 14C dates for SAAD. Specified by using data from sites falling within the geographically contiguous 'Arid' climatic categories of the SAAD as described in the World Köppen climate classification (2006).




A data frame comprising 1527 rows and 10 columns


Dataset used in Timpson et al (2020). This is a subset of the larger midholo.csv dataset compiled and published by Riris and Arroyo-Kalin (2019).


Timpson, A., Barberena, R., Thomas, M.G., Méndez, C., Manning, K. 2020 Directly modelling population dynamics in the South American Arid Diagonal using 14C dates. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B.

Kottek, M., Grieser, J., Beck, C., Rudolf, B. & Rubel, F. 2006 World map of the Köppen-Geiger climate classification updated. Meteorologische Zeitschrift 15, 259-263.

Riris, P. & Arroyo-Kalin, M. 2019 Widespread population decline in South America correlates with mid-Holocene climate change. Scientific reports 9, 6850.

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