zip {utils}R Documentation

Create Zip Archives


A wrapper for an external zip command to create zip archives.


zip(zipfile, files, flags = "-r9X", extras = "",
    zip = Sys.getenv("R_ZIPCMD", "zip"))



The pathname of the zip file: tilde expansion (see path.expand) will be performed.


A character vector of recorded filepaths to be included.


A character string of flags to be passed to the command: see ‘Details’.


An optional character vector: see ‘Details’.


A character string specifying the external command to be used.


On a Unix-alike, the default for zip will use the value of R_ZIPCMD, whose default is set in ‘etc/Renviron’ to the zip command found during configuration. On Windows, the default relies on a zip program (for example that from Rtools) being in the path.

The default for flags is that appropriate for zipping up a directory tree in a portable way: see the system-specific help for the zip command for other possibilities.

Argument extras can be used to specify -x or -i followed by a list of filepaths to exclude or include. Since extras will be treated as if passed to system, if the filepaths contain spaces they must be quoted e.g. by shQuote.


The status value returned by the external command, invisibly.

See Also

unzip, unz; further, tar and untar for (un)packing tar archives.

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