winProgressBar {utils}R Documentation

Progress Bars under MS Windows


Put up a Windows progress bar widget, update and access it.


winProgressBar(title = "R progress bar", label = "",
               min = 0, max = 1, initial = 0, width = 300)

setWinProgressBar(pb, value, title = NULL, label = NULL)
## S3 method for class 'winProgressBar'
close(con, ...)


title, label

character strings, giving the window title and the label on the dialog box respectively.

min, max

(finite) numeric values for the extremes of the progress bar.

initial, value

initial or new value for the progress bar.


the width of the progress bar in pixels: the dialog box will be 40 pixels wider (plus frame).

pb, con

an object of class "winProgressBar".


for consistency with the generic.


winProgressBar will display a progress bar centred on the screen. Space will be allocated for the label only if it is non-empty.

setWinProgessBar will update the value and for non-NULL values, the title and label (provided there was one when the widget was created). Missing (NA) and out-of-range values of value will be (silently) ignored.

The progress bar should be closed when finished with, but it will be garbage-collected once no R object refers to it.


For winProgressBar an object of class "winProgressBar".

For getWinProgressBar and setWinProgressBar, a length-one numeric vector giving the previous value (invisibly for setWinProgressBar).


These functions are only available on Windows.

See Also

On all platforms, txtProgressBar, tkProgressBar

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