chooseBioCmirror {utils}R Documentation

Select a Bioconductor Mirror


Interact with the user to choose a Bioconductor mirror.


chooseBioCmirror(graphics = getOption(""), ind = NULL,
                 local.only = FALSE)



Logical. If true, use a graphical list: on Windows or the macOS GUI use a list box, and on a Unix-alike use a Tk widget if package tcltk and an X server are available. Otherwise use a text menu.


Optional numeric value giving which entry to select.


Logical, try to get most recent list from the Bioconductor master or use file on local disk only.


This sets the option "BioC_mirror": it is used before a call to setRepositories. The out-of-the-box default for that option is NULL, which currently corresponds to the mirror

The ‘Bioconductor (World-wide)’ ‘mirror’ is a network of mirrors providing reliable world-wide access; other mirrors may provide faster access on a geographically local scale.

ind chooses a row in ‘R_HOME/doc/BioC_mirrors.csv’, by number.


None: this function is invoked for its side effect of updating options("BioC_mirror").

See Also

setRepositories, chooseCRANmirror.

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