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Invoke a Data Viewer


Invoke a spreadsheet-style data viewer on a matrix-like R object.


View(x, title)



an R object which can be coerced to a data frame with non-zero numbers of rows and columns.


title for viewer window. Defaults to name of x prefixed by Data:.


Object x is coerced (if possible) to a data frame, then columns are converted to character using The object is then viewed in a spreadsheet-like data viewer, a read-only version of data.entry.

If there are row names on the data frame that are not 1:nrow, they are displayed in a separate first column called row.names.

Objects with zero columns or zero rows are not accepted.

On Unix-alikes,

the array of cells can be navigated by the cursor keys and Home, End, Page Up and Page Down (where supported by X11) as well as Enter and Tab.

On Windows,

the array of cells can be navigated via the scrollbars and by the cursor keys, Home, End, Page Up and Page Down.

On Windows, the initial size of the data viewer window is taken from the default dimensions of a pager (see Rconsole), but adjusted downwards to show a whole number of rows and columns.


Invisible NULL. The functions puts up a window and returns immediately: the window can be closed via its controls or menus.

See Also, data.entry.

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