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Check Package Vignettes


Check all vignettes of a package by running Sweave (or other custom weave function) and/or Stangle (or other custom tangle function) on them. All R source code files found after the tangling step are sourceed to check whether all code can be executed without errors.


checkVignettes(package, dir, lib.loc = NULL,
               tangle = TRUE, weave = TRUE, latex = FALSE,
               workdir = c("tmp", "src", "cur"),
               keepfiles = FALSE)



a character string naming an installed package. If given, vignette source files are looked for in subdirectory ‘doc’.


a character string specifying the path to a package's root source directory. If given, vignette source files are looked for in subdirectory ‘vignettes’.


a character vector of directory names of R libraries, or NULL. The default value of NULL corresponds to all libraries currently known. The specified library trees are used to search for package.


Perform a tangle and source the extracted code?


Perform a weave?


logical: if weave and latex are TRUE and there is no ‘Makefile’ in the vignettes directory, run the intermediate ‘.tex’ outputs from weaving through texi2pdf.


Directory used as working directory while checking the vignettes. If "tmp" then a temporary directory is created, this is the default. If "src" then the directory containing the vignettes itself is used, if "cur" then the current working directory of R is used.


Delete files in the temporary directory? This option is ignored when workdir != "tmp".


This function first uses pkgVignettes to find the package vignettes, and in particular their vignette engines (see vignetteEngine).

If tangle is true, it then runs Stangle (or other custom tangle function provided by the engine) to produce (one or more) R code files from each vignette, then sources each code file in turn.

If weave is true, the vignettes are run through Sweave (or other custom weave function provided by the engine). If latex is also true and there is no ‘Makefile’ in the vignettes directory, texi2pdf is run on the intermediate ‘.tex’ files from weaving for those vignettes which did not give errors in the previous steps.


An object of class "checkVignettes", which is a list with the error messages found during the tangle, source, weave and latex steps. There is a print method for displaying the information contained in such objects.

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