splineDesign {splines}R Documentation

Design Matrix for B-splines


Evaluate the design matrix for the B-splines defined by knots at the values in x.


splineDesign(knots, x, ord = 4, derivs, outer.ok = FALSE,
             sparse = FALSE)
spline.des  (knots, x, ord = 4, derivs, outer.ok = FALSE,
             sparse = FALSE)



a numeric vector of knot positions (which will be sorted increasingly if needed).


a numeric vector of values at which to evaluate the B-spline functions or derivatives. Unless outer.ok is true, the values in x must be between the “inner” knots knots[ord] and knots[ length(knots) - (ord-1)].


a positive integer giving the order of the spline function. This is the number of coefficients in each piecewise polynomial segment, thus a cubic spline has order 4. Defaults to 4.


an integer vector with values between 0 and ord - 1, conceptually recycled to the length of x. The derivative of the given order is evaluated at the x positions. Defaults to zero (or a vector of zeroes of the same length as x).


logical indicating if x should be allowed outside the inner knots, see the x argument.


logical indicating if the result should inherit from class "sparseMatrix" (from package Matrix).


A matrix with length(x) rows and length(knots) - ord columns. The i-th row of the matrix contains the coefficients of the B-splines (or the indicated derivative of the B-splines) defined by the knot vector and evaluated at the i-th value of x. Each B-spline is defined by a set of ord successive knots so the total number of B-splines is length(knots) - ord.


The older spline.des function takes the same arguments but returns a list with several components including knots, ord, derivs, and design. The design component is the same as the value of the splineDesign function.


Douglas Bates and Bill Venables


splineDesign(knots = 1:10, x = 4:7)
splineDesign(knots = 1:10, x = 4:7, derivs = 1)
## visualize band structure
Matrix::drop0(zapsmall(6*splineDesign(knots = 1:40, x = 4:37, sparse = TRUE)))

knots <- c(1,1.8,3:5,6.5,7,8.1,9.2,10)  # 10 => 10-4 = 6 Basis splines
x <- seq(min(knots)-1, max(knots)+1, length.out = 501)
bb <- splineDesign(knots, x = x, outer.ok = TRUE)

plot(range(x), c(0,1), type = "n", xlab = "x", ylab = "",
     main =  "B-splines - sum to 1 inside inner knots")
mtext(expression(B[j](x) *"  and "* sum(B[j](x), j == 1, 6)), adj = 0)
abline(v = knots, lty = 3, col = "light gray")
abline(v = knots[c(4,length(knots)-3)], lty = 3, col = "gray10")
lines(x, rowSums(bb), col = "gray", lwd = 2)
matlines(x, bb, ylim = c(0,1), lty = 1)

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