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Plot Histograms


Plotting methods for objects of class "histogram", typically produced by hist.


## S3 method for class 'histogram'
plot(x, freq = equidist, density = NULL, angle = 45,
               col = "lightgray", border = NULL, lty = NULL,
               main = paste("Histogram of", paste(x$xname, collapse = "\n")),
               sub = NULL, xlab = x$xname, ylab,
               xlim = range(x$breaks), ylim = NULL,
               axes = TRUE, labels = FALSE, add = FALSE,
               ann = TRUE, ...)

## S3 method for class 'histogram'
lines(x, ...)



a histogram object, or a list with components density, mid, etc, see hist for information about the components of x.


logical; if TRUE, the histogram graphic is to present a representation of frequencies, i.e, x$counts; if FALSE, relative frequencies (probabilities), i.e., x$density, are plotted. The default is true for equidistant breaks and false otherwise.


a colour to be used to fill the bars. The default has been changed from NULL (unfilled bars) only as from R 4.2.0.


the color of the border around the bars.

angle, density

select shading of bars by lines: see rect.


the line type used for the bars, see also lines.

main, sub, xlab, ylab

these arguments to title have useful defaults here.

xlim, ylim

the range of x and y values with sensible defaults.


logical, indicating if axes should be drawn.


logical or character. Additionally draw labels on top of bars, if not FALSE; if TRUE, draw the counts or rounded densities; if labels is a character, draw itself.


logical. If TRUE, only the bars are added to the current plot. This is what lines.histogram(*) does.


logical. Should annotations (titles and axis titles) be plotted?


further graphical parameters to title and axis.


lines.histogram(*) is the same as plot.histogram(*, add = TRUE).

See Also

hist, stem, density.


(wwt <- hist(women$weight, nclass = 7, plot = FALSE))
plot(wwt, labels = TRUE) # default main & xlab using wwt$xname
plot(wwt, border = "dark blue", col = "light blue",
     main = "Histogram of 15 women's weights", xlab = "weight [pounds]")

## Fake "lines" example, using non-default labels:
w2 <- wwt; w2$counts <- w2$counts - 1
lines(w2, col = "Midnight Blue", labels = ifelse(w2$counts, "> 1", "1"))

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