file.path {base}R Documentation

Construct Path to File


Construct the path to a file from components in a platform-independent way.


file.path(..., fsep = .Platform$file.sep)



character vectors. Long vectors are not supported.


the path separator to use (assumed to be ASCII).


The implementation is designed to be fast (faster than paste) as this function is used extensively in R itself.

It can also be used for environment paths such as PATH and R_LIBS with fsep = .Platform$path.sep.

Trailing path separators are invalid for Windows file paths apart from ‘/’ and ‘d:/’ (although some functions/utilities do accept them), so a trailing / or \ is removed there.


A character vector of the arguments concatenated term-by-term and separated by fsep if all arguments have positive length; otherwise, an empty character vector (unlike paste).

An element of the result will be marked (see Encoding) as UTF-8 if run in a UTF-8 locale (when marked inputs are converted to UTF-8) or if a component of the result is marked as UTF-8, or as Latin-1 in a non-Latin-1 locale.


The components are by default separated by / (not \) on Windows.

See Also

basename, normalizePath, path.expand.

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