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Report Versions of Third-Party Software


Report versions of (external) third-party software used.




The reports the versions of third-party software libraries in use. These are often external but might have been compiled into R when it was installed.

With dynamic linking, these are the versions of the libraries linked to in this session: with static linking, of those compiled in.


A named character vector, currently with components


The version of zlib in use.


The version of bzlib (from bzip2) in use.


The version of liblzma (from xz) in use.


The version of libdeflate (if any otherwise "") used when R was built.


The version of PCRE in use. PCRE1 has versions < 10.00, PCRE2 has versions >= 10.00.


The version of ICU in use (if any, otherwise "").


The version of libtre in use.


The implementation and version of the iconv library in use (if known).


The version of readline in use (if any, otherwise ""). If using the emulation by libedit aka editline this will be "EditLine wrapper" preceded by the readline version it emulates: that is most likely to be seen on macOS.


Name of the binary/executable file with the implementation of BLAS in use (if known, otherwise "").

Note that the values for bzlib and pcre normally contain a date as well as the version number, and that for tre includes several items separated by spaces, the version number being the second.

For iconv this will give the implementation as well as the version, for example "GNU libiconv 1.14", "glibc 2.18" or "win_iconv" (which has no version number).

The name of the binary/executable file for BLAS can be used as an indication of which implementation is in use. Typically, the R version of BLAS will appear as libR.so (libR.dylib), R or libRblas.so (libRblas.dylib), depending on how R was built. Note that libRblas.so (libRblas.dylib) may also be shown for an external BLAS implementation that had been copied, hard-linked or renamed by the system administrator. For an external BLAS, a shared object file will be given and its path/name may indicate the vendor/version. The detection does not work on Windows nor for some uses of the Accelerate framework on macOS.

See Also

libcurlVersion for the version of libCurl.

La_version for the version of LAPACK in use.

La_library for binary/executable file with LAPACK in use.

grSoftVersion for third-party graphics software.

tclVersion in package tcltk for the version of Tcl/Tk.

pcre_config for PCRE configuration options.


## the PCRE version
sub(" .*", "", extSoftVersion()["PCRE"])

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