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Report Capabilities of this Build of R


Report on the optional features which have been compiled into this build of R.


capabilities(what = NULL,
             Xchk = any(nas %in% c("X11", "jpeg", "png", "tiff")))



character vector or NULL, specifying required components. NULL implies that all are required.


logical with a smart default, indicating if X11-related capabilities should be fully checked, notably on macOS. If set to false, may avoid a warning “No protocol specified” and e.g., the "X11" capability may be returned as NA.


A named logical vector. Current components are


is the jpeg function operational?


is the png function operational?


is the tiff function operational?


is the tcltk package operational? Note that to make use of Tk you will almost always need to check that "X11" is also available.


are the X11 graphics device and the X11-based data editor available? This loads the X11 module if not already loaded, and checks that the default display can be contacted unless a X11 device has already been used.


is the quartz function operational? Only on some macOS builds, including CRAN binary distributions of R.

Note that this is distinct from .Platform$GUI == "AQUA", which is true only when using the Mac GUI console.


does the default method for url and download.file support ‘⁠http://⁠’ and ‘⁠ftp://⁠’ URLs? Always TRUE as from R 3.3.0. However, in recent versions the default method is "libcurl" which depends on an external library and it is conceivable that library might not support ‘⁠ftp://⁠’ in future.


are make.socket and related functions available? Always TRUE as from R 3.3.0.


is there support for integrating libxml with the R event loop? TRUE as from R 3.3.0, FALSE as from R 4.2.0.


are FIFO connections supported?


is command-line editing available in the current R session? This is false in non-interactive sessions. It will be true for the command-line interface if readline support has been compiled in and --no-readline was not used when R was invoked. (If --interactive was used, command-line editing will not actually be available.)


is internationalization conversion via iconv supported? Always true in current R.


is there Natural Language Support (for message translations)?


is there support for Rprof() profiling? This is true if R was configured (before compilation) with default settings which include --enable-R-profiling.


is there support for memory profiling? See tracemem.


is there support for the svg, cairo_pdf and cairo_ps devices, and for type = "cairo" in the bmp, jpeg, png and tiff devices? Prior to R 4.1.0 this also indicated Cairo support in the X11 device, but it is now possible to build R with Cairo support for the bitmap devices without support for the X11 device (usually when that is not supported at all).


is ICU available for collation? See the help on Comparison and icuSetCollate: it is never used for a C locale.


does this build use a C long double type which is longer than double? Some platforms do not have such a type, and on others its use can be suppressed by the configure option --disable-long-double.

Although not guaranteed, it is a reasonable assumption that if present long doubles will have at least as much range and accuracy as the ISO/IEC 60559 80-bit ‘extended precision’ format. Since R 4.0.0 .Machine gives information on the long-double type (if present).


is libcurl available in this build? Used by function curlGetHeaders and optionally by download.file and url. As from R 3.3.0 always true for Unix-alikes, and as from R 4.2.0 true on Windows.

Note to macOS users

Capabilities "jpeg", "png" and "tiff" refer to the X11-based versions of these devices. If capabilities("aqua") is true, then these devices with type = "quartz" will be available, and out-of-the-box will be the default type. Thus for example the tiff device will be available if capabilities("aqua") || capabilities("tiff") if the defaults are unchanged.

See Also

.Platform, extSoftVersion, and grSoftVersion (and links there) for availability of capabilities external to R but used from R functions.



   warning("ICU is not available")

## Does not call the internal X11-checking function:
capabilities(Xchk = FALSE)

## See also the examples for 'connections'.

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