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LAPACK Library


Report the name of the shared object file with LAPACK implementation in use.




A character vector of length one ("" when the name is not known). The value can be used as an indication of which LAPACK implementation is in use. Typically, the R version of LAPACK will appear as (libRlapack.dylib), depending on how R was built. Note that (libRlapack.dylib) may also be shown for an external LAPACK implementation that had been copied, hard-linked or renamed by the system administrator. Otherwise, the shared object file will be given and its path/name may indicate the vendor/version.

The detection does not work on Windows, nor for the Accelerate framework on macOS, nor in the rare (and unsupported) case of a static external library.

It is possible to build R against an enhanced BLAS which contains some but not all LAPACK routines, in which case this function reports the library containing routine ILAVER.

See Also

extSoftVersion for versions of other third-party software including BLAS.

La_version for the version of LAPACK in use.



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