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rust: Ratio-of-Uniforms Simulation with Transformation


Uses the multivariate generalized ratio-of-uniforms method to simulate from a distribution with log-density logf (up to an additive constant). logf must be bounded, perhaps after a transformation of variable.


The main functions in the rust package are ru and ru_rcpp, which implement the generalized ratio-of-uniforms algorithm. The latter uses the Rcpp package to improve efficiency. Also provided are two functions, find_lambda and find_lambda_one_d, that may be used to set a suitable value for the parameter lambda if Box-Cox transformation is used prior to simulation. If ru_rcpp is used the equivalent functions are find_lambda_rcpp and find_lambda_one_d_rcpp Basic plot and summary methods are also provided.

See the following package vignettes for information:


Maintainer: Paul J. Northrop [copyright holder]


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See Also

ru and ru_rcpp to perform ratio-of-uniforms sampling. for summaries of the simulated values and properties of the ratio-of-uniforms algorithm. for a diagnostic plot.

find_lambda_one_d and find_lambda_one_d_rcpp to produce (somewhat) automatically a list for the argument lambda of ru for the d = 1 case.

find_lambda and find_lambda_rcpp to produce (somewhat) automatically a list for the argument lambda of ru for any value of d.

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