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Demonstrate examples included in Stan


Stan includes a variety of examples and most of the BUGS example models that are translated into Stan modeling language. One example is chosen from a list created from matching user input and gets fitted in the demonstration.


  stan_demo(model = character(0), 
            method = c("sampling", "optimizing", "meanfield", "fullrank"), ...)



A character string for model name to specify which model will be used for demonstration. The default is an empty string, which prompts the user to select one the available models. If model = 0, a character vector of all models is returned without any user intervention. If model = i where i > 0, then the ith available model is chosen without user intervention, which is useful for testing.


Whether to call sampling (the default), optimizing, or one of the variants of vb for the demonstration


Further arguments passed to method.


An S4 object of stanfit, unless model = 0, in which case a character vector of paths to available models is returned.


The Stan Development Team Stan Modeling Language User's Guide and Reference Manual.

See Also

sampling, optimizing


  ## Not run: 
     dogsfit <- stan_demo("dogs") # run the dogs model
     fit1 <- stan_demo(1) # run model_names[1]
## End(Not run)

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