provide an easy to use framework to conduct simulation

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Documentation for package ‘ezsim’ version 0.5.5

Help Pages

createParDef Create a parameterDef Object.
dgp Create an ezsim Object.
evalFunctionOnParameterDef Test Whether a parameterDef Ojbect Work Properly for a dgp.
ezsim Create an ezsim Object.
generate.parameterDef Generate Parameter
getSelectionName.summary.ezsim Get Names of selection Parameters.
merge.ezsim Merge two ezsim objects
merge.parameterDef Merge two parameterDef objects
parameterDef Create a parameterDef Object.
plot.ezsim Plot an ezsim Object
plot.summary.ezsim Plot an summary.ezsim Object
print.ezsim Print an ezsim Object.
print.parameterDef Print a parameterDef Object.
print.parameters Print a parameters Object.
print.summary.ezsim Print a summary.ezsim Object.
run.ezsim Run the Simulation
setBanker.parameterDef Set a parameterDef Object.
setSelection.parameterDef Set a parameterDef Object.
subset.ezsim Return of the Simulation
summary.ezsim Summarize an ezsim Object
test.ezsim Perform a Test for an ezsim Object