hedges_g {esc}R Documentation

Convert effect sizes


Convert between different effect sized.


hedges_g(d, totaln)

eta_squared(d, r, f, or, logit)

cohens_f(d, r, eta, or, logit)

cohens_d(f, r, eta, or, logit)

pearsons_r(d, eta, f, or, logit)

log_odds(d, eta, f, or, r)

odds_ratio(d, eta, f, logit, r)


d, r, f, eta, or, logit

A scalar or vector with effect size(s).


A vector of total sample size(s).


The requested effect size.


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# convert from d to Hedges' g or odds ratio
hedges_g(d = 0.75, totaln = 50)
odds_ratio(d = .3)

# convert from odds ratio to eta_squared
eta_squared(or = 2.3)

# convert from f or r to d
cohens_d(f = .3)
cohens_d(r = .25)

# functions are vectorized
hedges_g(c(0.75, .3), c(50, 70))
cohens_f(r = c(.1, .2, .3))

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