Builds Error Intervals

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Documentation for package ‘errint’ version 1.0

Help Pages

acc_intervals Accuracy of Error intervals
as.df_intervals Data Frames of Intervals
as.error_interval Error Intervals
as.measure Measures
best_distribution Distribution with Best Error Intervals
df_intervals Data Frames of Intervals
df_intervals.default Data Frames of Intervals
error_interval Error Intervals
error_interval.default Error Intervals
int_beta Building Error Intervals
int_gau Building Error Intervals
int_gau_mu Building Error Intervals
int_lap Building Error Intervals
int_lap_mu Building Error Intervals
int_moge Building Error Intervals
int_weibull Building Error Intervals
is.df_intervals Data Frames of Intervals
is.error_interval Error Intervals
is.measure Measures
measure Measures
measure.default Measure
print.df_intervals Printing Data Frames of Intervals
print.error_interval Printing Error Intervals
print.measure Printing Measures
print.summary.error_interval Printing Error Intervals Summaries
print.summary.measure Printing Measures Summaries
p_beta Probability Density Functions
p_gaussian Probability Density Functions
p_laplace Probability Density Functions
p_moge Probability Density Functions
p_weibull Probability Density Functions
sort_distributions Sort Distributions by Better Error Intervals
summary.error_interval Error Intervals Summaries
summary.measure Measures Summaries