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A shifted gamma prior


A gamma prior distribution which can be shifted.


shifted_gamma(shape = 1, scale = 1, shift = 0, autoscale = TRUE)


shape, scale

Sets the shape and scale parameters of the Gamma prior.


The Gamma prior can be shifted to allow for positive support.


Same as in priors.


rstanarm provides a set of distributions (see priors) which can be used for the priors on regression parameters. Intuitively, non-pharmaceutical interventions are unlikely to a-priori cause a large increase in the reproduction number. A shifted gamma prior can be used to model this idea, and has been used in Flaxman et al. (2020). shifted_gamma can be used as the prior argument to epim. This specified a shifted gamma prior on the negative of the regression parameters. i.e. if there is no shift, the support is on the negative half of the real line.


A named list to be parsed internally by epim.


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