Simulating Populations of Ectotherms under Global Warming

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Documentation for package ‘epcc’ version 1.4.7

Help Pages

age_structure Age structure under IPCC RCP2.6 or RCP8.5 scenarios
competition Interspecific competition under the influence of temperature trend adapted from the IPCC projection (RCP2.6 or RCP8.5 scenarios)
cooling_pulse1 Cooling pulse-1
cooling_pulse2 Cooling pulse-2
decreasing_linear Projection of decreasing linear temperature
decreasing_periodicity Periodic decreasing temperature trend
decreasing_stabilization Decreasing temperature and stabilization
get_RCP2.6 Projected values under IPCC RCP2.6 scenario
get_RCP8.5 Projected values under IPCC RCP8.5 scenario
heating_pulse1 Heating pulse-1
heating_pulse2 Heating pulse-2
increasing_linear Projection of increasing linear temperature
increasing_periodicity Periodic increasing temperature trend
increasing_stabilization Increasing temperature and stabilization
IPCC_RCP2_6 IPCC RCP2.6 scenario
IPCC_RCP8_5 IPCC RCP8.5 scenario
predation Predation under IPCC RCP2.6 or RCP8.5 scenarios
rate_adjustment Intrinsic growth rate adjustment
rate_TPC Intrinsic growth rate dependent on temperature
trend_periodic Periodic temperature trend
variability Increasing variable temperature trend
w_clim Temperature trend obtained from WorldClim.